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    《关于cls=搜新网最新相关内容》:And that was settled!


    【cls=搜新网】But they, themselves, had done that thoroughly! Larry made the objection but Dick waved a hand to dismiss it.“Let’s go back to the house and make sure he didn’t stop there to see what Jeff had been doing before,” Larry suggested. “He may have missed going with Jeff. If the woman had been along he’d have had no place and they would have left him here. But there isn’t a trace.”


    149The thing that came into his mind and stuck there, offering neither explanations nor a solution was the mystery of how that man had disappeared out of the hangar on their first visit.


    CHAPTER XVIII OUTWITTED! “Whoever got it can’t be far off,” interrupted Dick. “No one but Miss Serena and Captain Parks—and we three—knew about the hiding place until the last part of the meeting.”“What progress have you made?”

    【cls=搜新网】“Look at this, Mr. Whiteside—we are sure he made a try for the emeralds in the seaplane he hired. He thought they were destroyed—at least he had done all he could to destroy them. Then—why did he make another try?”“I’m starving,” laughed Larry.

    “Matched stones—and priceless,” added Larry. “The paper said they were a present to one of Mr. Everdail’s ancestors by one of the most fabulously rich Hindu Nabobs who ever lived.”


    【cls=搜新网】“All right,” the man had recovered his surprised wits and was closely watching Larry. “Which pocket?”

    “I need you for something else,” he said. “Atley Everdail isn’t here to help, if any situation developed where I would need a pilot. I have a theory that makes me think I shall need one——”

    【cls=搜新网】“My idea is that he learned—there was an accomplice on the yacht——】【


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