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    《关于无欲不爱在线观看=主页最新相关内容》:Third.—Each blow given is an independent operation, and can be repeated at will, while in other hammers such changes [110] can only be made throughout a series of blows by gradually increasing or diminishing their force.The following are suggested as subjects which may be studied in connection with lathes and turning: the rate of cutting movement on iron, steel, and brass; the relative speed of the belt cones, whether the changes are by a true ascending scale from the slowest; the rate of feed at different changes estimated like the threads of a screw at so many cuts per inch; the proportions of cone or step pulleys to insure a uniform belt tension, the theory of the following rest as employed in turning flexible pieces, the difference between having three or four bearing points for centre or following rests; the best means of testing the truth of a lathe. All these matters and many more are subjects not only of interest but of use in learning lathe manipulation, and their study will lead to a logical method of dealing with problems which will continually arise.


    【无欲不爱在线观看=主页】In studying improvements with a view to practical gain, a learner can have no reasonable hope of accomplishing much in fields already gone over by able engineers, nor in demonstrating anything new in what may be called exhausted subjects, such as steam-engines or water-wheels; he should rather choose new and special subjects, but avoid schemes not in some degree confirmed by existing practice.Sixth.—Power can be transmitted to steam-hammers through a small pipe, which may be carried in any direction, and for almost any distance, at a moderate expense, so that hammers may be placed in such positions as will best accommodate the work, and without reference to shafts or other machinery.



    1. The steam-engine is an agent for utilising the power of heat and applying it to useful purposes. Air seems to be the most natural and available medium for transmitting and distributing power upon any general system like water or gas, and there is every probability of such a system existing at some future time. The power given out by the expansion of air is not equal to the power consumed in compressing it, but the loss is but insignificant compared with the advantages that may be gained in other ways. There is no subject more interesting, and perhaps few more important for an engineering student to study at this time, than the transmission of power and the transport of material by pneumatic apparatus.(1.) Describe the different modifications of screw-cutting machines.—(2.) What is gained by revolving the dies instead of the rod?—(3.) What is gained by expanding dies?—(4.) What is the difference between screws cut by chasing and those cut on a screw-cutting machine?

    【无欲不爱在线观看=主页】The fitting or finishing department of engineering establishments is generally regarded as the main one.If the steam-engine, for instance, had forty years ago been brought to such a state of improvement as to be constructed with standard proportions and arrangement for stationary purposes, all the rules, constants, and data of whatever kind that had been collected and proved, would have been but of little use in adapting steam-engines to railways and the purposes of navigation.

    The relation between invention and the engineering arts, and especially between invention and machines, will warrant a short review of the matter here; or even if this reason were wanting, there is a sufficient one in the fact that one of the first aims of an engineering apprentice is to invent something; and as the purpose here is, so far as the limits will permit, to say something upon each subject in which a beginner has an interest, invention must not be passed over.


    【无欲不爱在线观看=主页】This will form an interesting collection of specimens and accustom the eye to the various tints, which after some experience will be instantly recognised when seen separately.

    Engines operated by means of hot air, called caloric engines, and engines operated by gas, or explosive substances, all act substantially upon the same general principles as steam-engines; the greatest distinction being between those engines wherein the generation of heat is by the combustion of fuel, and those wherein heat and expansion are produced by chemical action. With the exception of a limited number of caloric or air engines, steam machinery comprises nearly all expansive engines that are employed at this day for motive-power; and it may be safely assumed that a person who has mastered the general principles of steam-engines will find no trouble in analysing and understanding any machinery acting from expansion due to heat, whether air, gas, or explosive agents be employed.

    【无欲不爱在线观看=主页】Between a running motion of the dies, or a running motion of the blanks, there are the following points which may be noticed.There were three kinds of strain mentioned—torsional, deflective, and accidental. To meet these several strains the same means have to be provided, which is a sufficient size and strength to resist them; hence it is useless to consider each of these different strains separately. If we know which of the three is greatest, and provide for that, the rest, of course, may be disregarded. This, in practice, is found to be accidental strains to which shafts are in ordinary use subjected, and they are usually made, in point of strength, far in excess of any standard that would be fixed by either torsional or transverse strain due to the regular duty performed.