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    Tingling from her self-inflicted penance, she went to her mothers writing table, for she had to complete her humiliation by writing to him without delay, and expressing fully and unreservedly all that had made this last half-hour so replete with the luxury of self-reproach. But the expression{216} of it was not so easy as the perception of it had been, and she made half a dozen beginnings without satisfying herself. One began, Oh, Mr Silverdale, how could I? but then she despaired of how to proceed. Another began, I have honestly gone over every moment of this afternoon, and I find there is not a single point in which I am not entirely to blame, but that was too business-like and lacked emotion. But when she was almost in despair at these futile efforts, a brilliant idea came into her head. She would write in baby-language, which would surely touch his heart when he remembered how many serious things he and she had discussed together in this pretty jesting fashion.

    Is that all, then? he asked.How did you guess there was anything the matter? she asked.


    Mrs Keeling was quite horrified; she longed{168} for her husband to tell him that Miss Propert was quite a humble sort of person. Then luckily it occurred to her that no doubt the idea was that she should have her lunch in the housekeepers room. This relieved her mind, and she continued to tell Lady Inverbroom the last news from Windsor. Shortly afterwards, with a little pressing on the part of her hostess, she was induced to precede her out of the dining-room, leaving the men alone.

    【做彩票预测违法吗_JuBD6 - 【】】So you are back too, Thomas, she said, and what a pity you did not get back sooner. Lord Inverbroom has just called, and left a note for you. I wonder you did not see him in the Cathedral, for he went to service there. I said you always took a walk on Sunday morning after service, so sooner than wait, he wrote a note for you. Oh, you have it in your hand. What a curious handwriting his is: I should have thought a spider from the ink-pot could have done better than that, but no doubt you will be able to make it out. Of course I asked him to stop to lunch, for whether we are alone or expect company, Im sure my table is good enough for anybody. Alice will not be here: she has gone to lunch with Mr Silverdale.{241}】【The voice merged into the buzz of autumn noises, and footsteps and other conversation, but it had stood apart and distinct. Keeling knew he recognised the voice, but for the moment could not put a name to its owner; it was a womans voice, very distinct and pleasant in tone. And in order to satisfy a sudden, unreasonable curiosity, he got up from his seat and, looking out down the path over the hornbeam hedge, saw but a few yards down the path the head of his book{87} department and his sister, the very efficient secretary and typewriter whom he had engaged that morning. Their heads were turned to each other and there was no doubt whatever about their identity.If you think it best, I will, she said. Whatever we do, dont let us waste time here.

    Keeling waited quite still for a moment, and then came back into himself from the bright places into which he had aspired.


    【做彩票预测违法吗_JuBD6 - 【】】

    【做彩票预测违法吗_JuBD6 - 【】】Keeling sat silent for a moment longer. Then he rose too.

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